"Watertown Taxi was convenient. right on time to pick me up, and took me to the airport in the middle of rush hour with plenty of time to catch my flight. The price was competitive with Uber and Lyft, but without the hassle of wondering if they were going to come or not. A great service!"
Nancy Wight
"I called Watertown taxi for a last minute ride to the airport because Uber fell through. I got picked up right away and had a very comfortable ride - saved me a lot of time and stress! I will definitely be going here first next time."
Lindsey Lamarche
"Watertown Taxi saved me when my scheduled Uber was over 30 minutes late and I was going to miss my train. They came 3 minutes after I called at 5am. The driver, Moe, was friendly, polite and his car was immaculate.  Forget Uber, I will stick with Watertown Taxi!"
Elyse Shuster
"I love Watertown Taxi, and used it very early Sunday Morning for a trip to Logan for a flight.  It is over 15 times in the last 5 years that I have used this service, and every time it has been a great experience. Moe drove us and we were very please again with his service. Thanks."
Fred Derf
"Great service. We were a bit late and the driver was polite and got us to the airport on time."
Dylan Doung
"I will never use Uber again. Watertown Taxi saved me. They picked me up for an early morning flight when I had to call last minute and were professional, accommodating and friendly. I couldn’t recommend them more."
Sarah  Davis
"Made a reservation for a 4:30 a.m. pick up to Logan this morning! Driver was five minutes early, very friendly, professional and an excellent driver. I will use this service Watertown taxi again!  I took an Uber FROM  the airport, what a rip-off they were!"
Nancie Salvato Pelton
"I had to get to the airport and my Uber didn’t show up so I was really bugging out. So I googled A taxi near me and Watertown Taxi came up. So I was in a panic told the guy on the phone my situation, he said don’t worry we will get you."
Greg Sabian